King David #37 Fayetteville, North Carolina

Making Good Men Better


To improve our local community by making Good Men better men. We strive to improve a man from the inside to the point where it can be seen on the outside.

A Message to New Members

The Officers and Brothers of King David #37 would like to welcome you into our organization and more importantly into our lodge. The goal of our lodge is to try and improve our community as a whole by improving one man at a time. You have already shown yourself to be a good man, but by seeking to become a Mason you are telling us that you want to become a better man. Your brothers here in the lodge and throughout the brotherhood are all seeking the same improvements in us as you. We are attempting to use the moral lessons offered in Masonry to perfect our inner selves thereby improving our outer selves.

            Today you have taken the first step in a journey that will set you on a path to perfection. The light that you seek to assist you in your travels towards this inner perfection is out there for you to grasp and use in this most difficult journey. Any and all great achievements started out, as what seemed to be impossible.

            The most prudent advice that I can now give you is to always remember first and foremost why, You Chose to become a Mason. If it truly was so that you could try and help others in need and to improve yourself, then you have chosen well and all your endeavors should be to that end. Get personally involved with your lodge and its members. Help it and them to grow and to perfect themselves, just as you are trying to do for yourself. Every lesson taught in masonry teaches on more than one level. It is often left to each individual brother to see just how far and deep he can apply the lessons to himself. The more you scratch at the surface the more you will find hidden beneath and as you apply these hidden truths to yourself, the closer you will come to reaching your goal of becoming a “BETTER MAN”


Michael Thomas

Worshipful Master's Desk

Welcome to our newest member: Brother Spener Coleman. Brother Coleman transferred from Goodfelllows #19. May he find here with us , all that was missing. The lodge would also like to welcome back into the fold Brother Randy Carter. ... good to have you back Randy!

2015 is starting to look like a good year already! !

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